7 Motivating Gym Tips for Beginners

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New to exercising? You may be unsure of where to begin. Follow these seven recommendations for gym novices to feel physically and psychologically stronger before and after every workout.

Be proud

Before going into the actual gym advice for beginners, keep in mind that confidence is the most vital workout catalyst. You should be happy of yourself for even showing up at the gym, whether you’re lifting 100 pounds or 1 pound. Do not be intimidated by others or afraid to seek assistance.

Consider that everyone in the gym has been in your position. Regardless of how “simple” the first few exercises are in terms of physical intensity, they are frequently the most mentally taxing. Be proud, keep your confidence, and have faith that your gym skills and fitness knowledge will improve with time.

Stay strong

Because these devices are simple for users of all ages and abilities, treadmills and stationary bicycles attract a large number of novices. However, try to incorporate at least two days of strength training into your weekly schedule. If you aren’t ready to venture into the weight room, keep in mind that bodyweight exercises can be just as helpful for gaining strength.

Not certain where to begin? Try one of the unlimited, complimentary fitness training sessions available to all Planet Fitness members with PE@PF. These small group classes are led by certified trainers and can teach you the fundamentals of weightlifting and exercise. Moreover, the majority of Planet Fitness locations include a 30-minute Express Circuit training option that may guide you through a full-body exercise.

Work diligently

If you’re not sweating by the end of your workout, you’re probably not exerting enough effort. Include high-intensity exercises, such as running, jumping jacks, burpees, and squat jumps, at least once during your workout to achieve a condition of “out of breath.”

Ask how

Instead of avoiding unfamiliar activities or equipment, ask a gym employee or fellow gym-goer for assistance. Utilize resources such as the exercise library of ACE Fitness and the training videos of the CDC for guidance on form and technique. Working with a trained trainer to acquaint yourself with the gym’s structure and create a workout plan is also a smart option.

Eat up

Exercise will not provide effects if your nutrition is not in order. Replace unhealthy foods with healthier options and reduce sugar intake as much as possible. Following the USDA’s guideline to fill at least half of your plate with fruits and veggies is a smart place to begin.

Before and after every activity, it is advisable to have high-protein snacks such as nuts, yogurt, deli meat, hummus, and cottage cheese. Obviously, maintaining a balanced diet will help you achieve your fitness objectives, but it’s also reasonable to splurge occasionally!

Be realistic

Weight loss, growing strength, enhancing endurance, and increasing flexibility are all long-term objectives; therefore, you should not anticipate to reach your maximum strength in one week. Be practical in your pursuit of your goals. For instance, try to increase your shoulder press by five pounds or decrease your mile time by ten seconds within a month.

Repeat and rest

Even the most seasoned athletes recognize the significance of recuperation after a strenuous workout. Try to get eight hours of sleep each night, take at least one day of rest every week, and always enter the gym prepared to perform another great workout. You will quickly advance from “beginning” rank once you establish a routine.

Before commencing any workout regimen, please see a physician. See full medical disclaimer here.

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